5 Ways To Spot A Fake Music Producer

It has always been cool talking to different Producer and DJs in the industry. Some of them inspired us, and some revealed the problems that the industry is facing at the moment. One of the problems that we are currently facing is the rise of fake music producers who are coming in with no talent but just money and connections .They get their track produced by some other producers and they portray as if that they have produced the track. But everybody knows of such kind of producers now and if you don’t here are the 5 Ways To Spot A Fake Music Producer.

They don’t have any technical knowledge of music production.

Whenever you ask them questions related to their favorite plugins they might fail to answer that to you. They really know less or to be honest nothing about the plugins or the process involved. Next time you spot a producer and you want to know if he is real or not. Open their soundcloud profile and ask them the questions a producer might ask. For ex ask them questions like Tell me how did they made that sound, whats the best compression ratio for vocals, how a bus reverb might be helpful etc, etc.


They have fake followers on their social media.

They have fake stats everywhere on the social media and likes and comments ratio are seriously different. They might even have fake video views and fake plays and reposts on their tracks. There are artists in the industry who are buying views, likes and reposts.


The ratio of likes and plays are really fucked up.

This is strange the likes and plays ratio seems to differ a lot. The track is really boring but has got tons of plays, comment and likes on it. Just go through the track once and see the profile of all those who made a comment there. Most of the profiles are new.


They are not able to explain their own project.

Ask them to explain their own project and see the excuses take over.

They give lame feedback.

No technical feedback they give to the producers. They just go like – Make the kickdrum fat, sidechain sounds,layer sounds. WTF !! Whenever you get such kind feedback ask them “how to do that’ and see them go blank.



Ask the questions above whenever you spot such producers.

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