Gwalior Based Singer-Songwriter 'Pravesh Vishwaroop' Goes Solo For His New EP 'Safar' 

Listen to the first track of the EP here

Gwalior Based singer-songwriter and composer Pravesh Vishwaroopa goes solo for his new EP Safar. The first single ‘Soona’ of the album/EP has already been gaining a lot of attention from the masses. His voice takes the melodies to an absolutely great height and creates soothing and pleasing vibes.

The song has already crossed a 50k mark and it is set to reach another milestone in the coming days.  

Having the musical edge required, the single has been amazingly crafted and particularly very well composed. The song talks about solitariness and loneliness in the life of an individual. And how he chases love more and more even though it makes him a loner.

The highly talented artist is also a lead singer and guitarist in the band Bajra. The band members have already produced a lot of hits and have released amazing covers. The band is quite versatile and the creative brains have made them a good team. This is also a reason why the Single sounds similar to the songs made by the band. 

The 2nd single from the debut song is announced to be released soon and it will be an extension to the current release. The EP is promised to deliver a strong feeling of fulfillment in this time of panic and negativity. 

Also, the band Bajra is all set to release their first instrumental called ‘Midnight’.

When asked about the journey. Pravesh said –

We(Vishal Sharma, Aditya Shinde) were doing music individually and startedour journey in gwalior ten year ago, we jammed together, start performing locally and decided to stay together in the journey. The idea always was to create something of our own and be invested into it.

My music journey actually started in Gwalior only, it was my dream to record and compose my own music. I initially started with covers and the response that I got were unexpected. It encouraged me to perform and slowly I started growing.

To be honest, this EP is all about the journey of individual like me, I belive thatmusic is all about expressing what you feel and as an artist we really can make difference in the lives of a lot people.

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