Check out This New Artist On The Block: ‘GLTCH’

Souvik, who is popularly known as “Xouvyc” among the fans of the artist has started his new project this year. The project is called “GLTCH”, and the project is not just about the music but focuses on an audio-visual experience, unlike his previous project.

The first track under this project is a collaboration with the very talented artist – Harmfool. The track is a very emotional hip hop track, with a chill vibe to it and is called “On Me”. The artist is not restricting himself to any specific genre under this project and is willing to explore various genres in the future.

Souvik, also stated that this is more than a music project through which he wants to reach out and help people, and wants anyone who needs help to contact him on his mail address.

Make sure to go out and check his socials for some really interesting audiovisual content and to stay updated with his latest releases :





Also, don’t forget to check out his first release “On Me” :


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