EDM In India Is Dead Bro!

You might have heard it a trillion times now that EDM In India Is Dead Bro! EDM is dead! EDM is pop now! EDM is sh*t and a lot of other things.

EDM scene in India really went through a lot of ups and downs.

People started saying that EDM scene is dead. Nobody listens to same 4×4 now and a lot of other stuff. Most people even left EDM saying Indian EDM scene is dead.

But is it really dead??

No ! Not at all.

You might think that how can we say that ? Well, we have got some examples to prove it.

Earlier this week Indian superstar DJs Lost Stories released a track called Faking it. The track really got huge and made it to the playlist of the Tomorrowland, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, KSHMR  and even Spotify added the track to their playlist. The track got 50k streams on Saavn in just 3 days. This is a great example of the producers were doing what they do and people still do love it.


One more example of the scene not being dead is that another India superstar DJ and Producer known as Zaeden released his new single Tempted To Touch featuring Rupee. The single got around 100k+ views in just 12 hours and also got lots of positive comments on it.

The best part is both Lost Stories & Zaeden are all set to play Tomorrowland in 10 days on the 2nd biggest stage at the festival.

Well after seeing these two examples it’s damn hard to say that the scene is dead.

There are a lot of good examples which indicates that EDM scene in India is probably isn’t dead. And is not really going to be in the next couple of years. It will get bigger than what it is now.

Maybe the scene was slow for a couple of months but it’s now back with the same speed.

The coming months are really going to be very crucial for the scene. As we might get to see a lot of new talents coming up. Even a sort of change in the style could take place for most prominent players in India.

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