“Gyaani 2.0” is a YouTube Channel, owned by Indian YouTuber – Abhishek, who is known for posting videos daily. The YouTuber also releases his original tracks on his YouTube channel. His recent release – “Aahatein”, which was released about 3 months ago, got a lot of love from his fans and has over 80k views on YouTube. He claims that the second part of his track has been ripped off for a track featuring in the upcoming movie – ‘Gully Boy’.

Gully Boy’s music launch was super successful, almost the entire media has been covering it. Few blogs and websites also claim that the launch was so big that it stopped Mumbai’s traffic.

We can surely say that the hype for Rap music is at its peak in India right now. And, the entire music community is happy about it.

But it’s not all about happy faces now. There has already been so much controversy surrounding the Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhatt starter film.

Sez On The Beat Vs Sony Music controversy is a must check.

Another controversy started building up when an Indian YouTuber who goes by the name of Gyaani 2.0 claimed that Gully Boy’s new track “Doori” was 70% copied from his recent track “Aahatein.

The underground music community is slamming the Gully Boy’s music team for this act. As well has Gyaani also mentioned in his new youtube video that he tried to contact them, but he didn’t get any response from them.

The fun fact is that the YouTuber is very happy that his song got copied and also got featured in such a big movie. But he also wants the credit for the work that he has done.

Well, such kinds of stuff are happening for a very long time now. If taken the right steps are not taken then the underground musicians might suffer from a big loss.



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