ADGRMS or Audio Germs is a well-known name in the Indian electronic music scene. He is known for shows as well his music production skills.  He is one the most talented artist in the Indian dance music space.

Recently, we got a piece of news from our sources.  That DJ/Producer ADGRMS is collaborating with his manager Yash to form a duo, and they will focus on a new and different sound. 

We were really excited after we got to know about it. So in order to get confirmation, we approached ADGRMS or Sahil. And he confirmed that “He is Collaboration with his manager Yash Poojari for a new project called Xu.”

He also told us that, “The project is going to be versatile in every sense. We are planning new show concepts, new theme and also been producing a lot lately. We’re also closing the Kingfisher Good Times Stage on the 31’st of dec as our debut performance, at Sunburn Festival 2018, Pune.”

We were already excited. So we decided to scratch the surface a bit more and asked a couple of questions. To which he replied

“Yash has been my manager and best friend for the last 3 years and we’ve been doing pretty much everything together. We’ve created the project to have our signature sound both production wise and performance wise. We have a little over 5 releases under the works and we’re gonna start releasing them around Feb. The production signature genre would be future house, whereas the sets would be a mix of Future House, Bass House, Trap & moombah. We’re also gonna do lifestyle vlogs and q&a’s, basically showing everyone what we do on a day-to-day basis, we love snooker, dogs, cars, sneakers and a lot of fun things which would be a part of our Vlogs. Also, we’re gonna have a Spotify ‘Save/ No Save’ section where we listen to, and review music that we would add to our monthly ‘top 10 finds on Spotify’ which people can also learn Playlist Curation from. We’d show how we produce music together, the whole process of getting a track ready to release, finding the right labels and how we get in touch with the big ones. Etc etc. Closing the Kingfisher Stage at Sunburn 2018 is one of the best debuts we could make.”


When we asked ADGRMS to tell us something about Yash. This is what he said –

“Yash has always been a DJ, but in the past 6 months, he’s also caught up very well with producing himself. He was always involved in some way or the other in all my previous releases as ADGRMS. Also, the new project does not mean I would not pay enough attention to ADGRMS, it would still be worked on and released music with.”


This project is going to change a lot of things for both Sahil or ADGRMS and Yash Poojari. So, make sure to follow them.




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