KAAZE Throws Shade On The Awful Side Of Music Industry


Whenever someone thinks of music industry one thing that comes to mind is fame & fortune. But this is only one side of the coin. With the rise of electronic music, the industry saw the rise and fall of a lot of artists. Some of them got everything that they dreamed of but some of them failed very badly.

There were a lot of artists who faced hardships in the industry just to be able to survive. Almost every new producer who wants to make it to the music industry has to suffer a lot. This trend has been there for almost years now. A lot of producers have faced this problem. Some of them had to quit and some of them survived.

The new generation of producers are fighting very strong against this trend. Nicky Romero, Hardwell, KSHMR a lot of them spoke about it in various interviews. And every budding producer agreed to that.

In India, it is really common nowadays, famous DJ and Producers get their track done by some talented producer and do not really give them the credit that they deserve. It’s very shameful, but at the same time, this act demotivates the actual producers who put in so much work to get the track perfect.

This is a scam that the new producers are facing.

Recently, the Swedish producer & DJ KAAZE became a victim of such scam. Check out the tweet shared by KAAZE. Where he mentioned how he was cheated in return of Charity show that he wanted to play. He mentioned

KAAZE Throws Shade On The Awful Side Of Music Industry



KAAZE got cheated very badly. He really didn’t get the credit that he deserved or didn’t even got invited to play the charity event. This really made the KAAZE fans sad. But this was a very bold and motivating move by the Swedish producer. Everybody is looking forward to bring KAAZE to India now.


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