Mallika Mehta Delights Audience With Her New EP 'Evolve: The Story Of Her'

Mumbai based Singer and Songwriter Mallika Mehta, also known as the Adele of Mumbai is all in motion to release her brand new English EP called Evolve: The Story Of Her. Known for her melodies voice and a harmonizing stage presence she is a self-built, singer and vocalist.

When asked about the EP Mallika said “My EP is a story unplanned but carefully falling in line to highlight the multitude of phases a girl faces when in love. She may end up with the one she loves or tables may turn, what matters is how she emerges victorious!”

This thrust with this EP is in the right direction. Coming full circle and after experimenting with all genres. She puts the energy to unfold her heart and soul with this English EP. As the sources suggest the EP is about the story of a girl in love which she has melted down to the core so that the listeners could understand as to what life and struggles of a girl is all about.The singer has put everything so well that even the written caption itself on her Instagram creative is shedding tears into the eyes of her listeners.It’s a great and heartfelt message coming from such a great artist.Possibly a lot of her fans are relating to her story.

Inshort, it’s a story which was never mentioned by her in anywhere. It’s a story of a girl in love and her spirit to win everything she ever wanted.

Having a huge audience by her side from both the world, the independent artist is definitely ready to turn this release into a powerful act that is going to result in better fan reach and coverage.

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