Monster Energy’s New Commercial Went Wrong Which Featured An Indian DJane & Producer

Monster Energy’s New Commercial Went Wrong Which Featured An Indian DJane & Producer

Monster Energy needs no introduction when it comes to energy drinks. It is well known for supporting music, sports, gaming and a lot more. We all love monster energy, to be honest, isn’t it?

Monster Energy is not just known for their drinks but they are also known for sponsoring well-known and hardworking faces as well.

But Recently, what happened is that Monster Energy sponsored an Electronic Music Producer & DJ from India on the occasion of World Music Day.

As shown in the advertisement, the artist was shown producing a track and drinking the energy drink just to promote and show that the drink could irradicate the stress while producing music as it takes loads of time to just make a proper track and as we could hear it was a remix but the problem arrives when the camera showed the screen of the computer and all she was doing is moving the screen of the DAW rapidly without actually producing music.

Monster Energy's New Commercial Went Wrong Which Featured An Indian DJane & Producer


Everybody was happy after seeing an Indian face on their advertisement but were certainly not happy with the remix which was featured in the advertisement.

When we asked producer what really happened this is what they had to say- Anonymous

We are really not happy with this crappy commercial. Monster energy you just lost a fan.- Anonymous

Why the hell you feature such a crappy remix. Is can be made by pressing on a button.-Anonymous

I got the shock of my life. Monster Energy is this how you want to stay in the game. Well bye bye.


How can you just use an arp and remix a track? I can’t see the arp anywhere on the project- Anonymous

I think you are wrong. there is one vocal file, one for the synth and the other stuff is just drums. I mean the track is made out of 4 elements. I’m sure it’s legit. never the less the track sucks.- Anonymous

¬†Look at this project… Barely used 3 tracks in the playlist… These people out here living on recruit difficulty while we living on veteran difficulty…smh life ain’t fair- Anonymous

It can be made by pressing one button?- Anonymous

Monster Energy is one of the leading energy drink manufacturers and to see them promote such hallow and talentless producer is very sad to observe as there are thousands of producers who are more creative and more talented than the individual shown in the advertisement and are yet to be discovered.

Maybe it was a move to attract fans but music circle is really pissed off because of this.

Let’s see how monster¬†energy will deal with this.