KSHMR or Niles Holowell Dhar is an internationally acclaimed Electronic Music Producer and a DJ. The groundbreaking tracks that he released has made him the EDM industry heavyweight.

2017 was successful year in the books of KSHMR. From having super big collaborations to headlining various festivals around the world. KSHMR is doing it all.

He is the most hardworking and consistent guy in the scene right now. KSHMR is not only famous for his music but he is also known for being humble and helping other producers.

KSHMR released Vol.1 and Vol.2 of his sample pack with splice long back. It was a huge success. Most of the producers are still using the samples from his sample pack.

Sounds of KSHMR really turned out to be one of the successful sample pack. The pack consisted of sounds that KSHMR himself used in his tracks. Sounds of KSHMR is a perfect sample bank for every producer who wants to be on the top.

This afternoon KSHMR uploaded a picture which made every producer curious. The picture was about SOUNDS OF KSHMR sample pack.KSHMR is going to release the Vol.3 of the most awaited sample pack very soon.

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