Time To Go ‘Junglee’ With This Year’s Bacardi House Party Anthem By Zenith X Charan & Benny Dayal

Raising the bars higher Zenith and Charan collaborated with the Bollywood hitmaker Benny Dayal to produce the Bacardi House Party Anthem for the year 2019. The fusion of the sounds from two different worlds has absolutely made it a complete dance banger.

Sources say that the track took a year to be produced.

But the final product is definitely the outcome of super hard work all the artists have done behind the studio.

It has not been a few months since Zenith & Charan released their track called ‘Kho Gaye’ which simple got the attention of the underground community. And the track also stood out very efficiently and since then, Zenith and Charan are working together.

‘Kho Gaye’ was more of a pop influenced track. And the same goes for Junglee as well. It’s a track with Super catchy vocals, Punchy Drums and groovy pop elements which makes it a complete hit package. And the video of the track is absolutely marvelous.

It shows the story of a  Man and Monkey are bound by a power play where Man controls Monkey. A forgotten story of the Bandar and Madaari that perform in our cities seems like a picture out of a nostalgic chapter from our childhood. A twist of fate “seems” to change everything to color. Tipping the scale of control that we always knew to be in man’s hand.

We simply cannot wait for the track to go viral.

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