TNO Drops Another Massive Collaboration On Hardwell’s Label

TNO marches ahead with another massive hit of the year 2019 on Hardwell’s imprint Revealed Recordings. The track is a collaboration with the big room giant head R3SPAWN. Producers from both the alias have already delivered many festival slaying tracks on Revealed and on a lot of other successful labels. This track is no different in terms of quality, but there was a tremendous risk involved in putting all this sounds up which in return worked efficiently and helped the producer to get their record signed to Revealed Recordings which is One of the biggest dance music labels in the business right now.

The track rolls in with a standard intro and then goes into a super heavy break which consists of rocket launch vocal sounds and reaches to the point where the dark melodic drop takes the ride to the festive big room feeling. It’s the outcome of the perfect collaboration between both TNO and R3SPAWN. The signature sounds of the producers can be heard pumping the speakers.

For those of you who don’t know who TNO is …….

From following different successful acts to becoming one giant act themselves, TNO or The Neglected Ones consisting of Abhishek Rajak & Reneesh Donga, have come a long way. They are considered as of the best and the biggest dance music duo in India. They started with a vision of making dance music famous in the country and have ultimately achieved their goal.

They started really low but they have come to a point currently where the tracks made by them are being played by some of the promising hit makers and record producers and top 100 DJs in the industry right now.

Just to name a few Hardwell, David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Dannic, Ummet Ozcan, YvesV are among the top ranking DJ’s playing their records live and in their respective radio shows.

This invincible duo represents an excellent example of how anything could be achieved with an extraordinary amount of hard work and persistence. From the very day they started, they are in continuously improvisation mode, which you can hear it when you compare their previous productions to the current ones. And, the kind of fan base TNO has made in the past couple of years is amazing and remarkable.

They were also the winner of the Palm Expo Championship 2015.

To conclude –
TNO and R3SWPAN’s collab could emerge as the ground break track for the year 2019 on Revealed Recordings. The efforts put by both of these producers can be noticed. The experimentation they did with this track involved a huge risk. But it appeared to become one of the massive tracks to get signed to Hardwell’s label Revealed Recordings.

We wish TNO and R3SPAWN for their future.

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