Electronic dance music is the sound of 21st century. The industry is worth $7.2 Billion has shown tremendous growth in the last couple of years. Electronic music DJ’s are the new age artists who are headlining big and crowded festivals and are also trending on the internet.

With all this positive things DJ scene was going through it now got recognized as official GCSE subject in Britain. According to the BBC, examination boards will now officially recognize DJing as a formal accreditation, that can be achieved via a GCSE certificate (the British recognition of academic achievements between the ages of 11-16.)

With decks are now recognized as formal instruments by examination boards, CDJs will now be installed in all secondary school classrooms, allowing students to hone their craft, before executing a live set for the examiners in their final exam. Professional DJs and instructors Austen and Scott Smart are behind the course’s DJ curriculum, and believe that allowing students to discover electronic music, can lead to increased creativity in other areas.

Tutors deliver a unique programme of study created by professionals, starting at Key Stage 2 and running through to Key Stage 5, in accordance with the new AQA, OCR and Eduqas GCSE music specifications. One of the key focuses of the organisation is simply to get more young people into music, and in turn, more students taking GCSE and A-Level music exams.

With all this being done it can be said that soon more education system’s might DJing as a formal accreditation.





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