Chennai Based Producer & Bass Player 'Micheal Timothy' Announces Brand New Single

India is a land of diverse cultures and talents. The kind of flavors one can have here is unimaginable. You can see saints being lost in devotional tones and can also see new-age kids rocking Rap songs and electronic music on their headphones. It’s all unity in diversity.

Coming from such a sacred land is a producer and bass player Micheal Timothy. Hailing from the southernmost part of India and being open to an unlimited force of ideas which made his one of the hottest producer in the community. He has a lot of records released under his name. All the previous tracks have quality and are amazingly crafted.

The new single is going to be much more than that. Our sources have revealed that the track is collaboration and it consists of super heavy drums and humongous Rap vocals which fills the spectrum to die-hard limits creating an aura of complete madness.

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