Divine Disses Emiway Bantai With His New Single ‘Chaabi Wala Bandar’

Rap music has finally got its position in India. Huge props to Gully Boy for that. The movie went good and made people aware of Rap music and also was a proud moment for every Indian Rapper.

Speaking of Indian Rappers ‘DIVINE’ is one of the finest one in the Indian Music Industry. From getting featured on top websites, movies, web series and labels. He is everywhere.

The poster boy of the Indian Rap Music community has his career sorted and is rolling heavily with huge sounds and sense fuelled lyrics.

Well, congratulations to DIVINE for all the success. But, there is a controversy surrounding his upcoming album now.

A few months back, DIVINE in the Red Bull Showcase with Raftaar made fun of Emiway Bantai who is a fastest rising Indian Rap music artist. He also said that he is going to diss Emiway with his upcoming album called ‘REMAND.’

Our sources say that the album is going to be huge and will be pumping every big speaker. And there are a lot of surprises for everyone.

Just in case if you don’t know – Raftaar already had a series of Rap feud with Emiway over the past few months which resulted in both the artist dissing each other with their tracks. And somehow it was put to an end.

But DIVINE dissing Emiway altogether is going to start a different kind of rivalry because of the fan following possessed by both the artists. It could also turn into a serious Rap battle which might change the whole ecosystem of the Indian music industry.

We are super excited and waiting for this controversy to take a turn.

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