DJ Shaan Resorts to “Reels Series” to Support the Emerging EDM Talents

In the forefront of Indian EDM space, DJ Shaan is the only name heard now. Kicking off his career with his jaw-dropping performance at the Sunburn Festival at such a tender age, Shaan has set new bars for the upcoming Electronic Music talents.

Being one of the most successful producers and DJs in the Indian EDM space, made Shaan secure his place in the line-ups of major music festivals across the globe. His dynamic taste in beats and versatile transitions has earned him wide recognition and paved his way to success.

The first-ever Indian DJ artist to play at the world’s most celebrated festival, Tomorrowland, Shaan serves as an inspiration to the EDM industry. Since the beginning, Shaan has played apace with the biggest names in the industry like Avicii, Afrojack, David Guetta, Tiesto, Michael Woods, and others.

In this world of fierce competition, it’s hard to mark your position as a prominent one. With so many celebrated DJs and producers around, many others with the capacity to “slay in style” remain unrecognized. DJ Shaan being the most inspirational one, was able to break this chain and proved his dominance. Apart from establishing himself as a renowned artist, he started a short video on Instagram Reels to support emerging Indian artists. Featuring snippets of their tracks, the Indian Producer discloses the names of the respective artists in the reels to help them grow and make their own identity. He is on his way to set records and pave the way for future EDM.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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