FL Studio 20 finally made its way to Mac after so many years, this is the first version of the most popular DAW to include native Mac Support. Mac compatibility was promised in the previous version, FL Studio 12 (the version numbering has jumped from 12 to 20), back in 2014, but only reached the testing phase.

Fl Studio 20 runs as a native 64-bit application for users of MacOS 10.11 or higher and supports Mac VST and AU plugins. Owners get a license to use it on both Mac and Windows, and, usefully, projects made on both platforms for interchangeable, even if you use third-party plugins installed on both.

FL Studio was launched in 1997 as FruityLoops by developer Didier Dambrin, the developer with a team of some amazing people made it one of the best DAW in the world of music. Producer like Late Avicii, Dyro, Metro Boomin, Afrojack, Martin Garrix are among some of the power users of Image-line’s Fl Studio.


Key Features of FL Studio 20

Mac version – FL Studio is now available for MacOS 10.11 and higher. It’s a native 64 Bit application Including support for Mac VST and AU plugins. Projects made on Mac and Windows are interchangeable. Project interoperability extends to 3rd party plugins installed on both platforms. Existing, Lifetime Free Update, and new customers can unlock FL Studio for Mac and Windows at no extra cost. One license to rule them all!

Time Signatures – FL Studio now supports Time Signatures, including unlimited Time Signature changes, independently in both the Playlist and Patterns (Piano rolls). FL Studio’s unique pattern system enables, simultaneous and multiple Time Signatures at any point in the Playlist.

In-situ rendering (‘freezing’) – Bounce selected Audio and Pattern Clips to audio. Options include; Consolidate Playlist Clip selections or complete tracks. Render Clips to Audio, Render Clips to audio and replace Playlist Pattern Clips. Use these features to compile audio-takes into a single Audio Clip, reduce CPU load by converting real-time synthesis and effects processing to audio or convert MIDI to audio for further processing and resynthesis.

Playlist Arrangements – The Playlist now supports multiple ‘Arrangements’ (Playlists). Each Arrangement is the complete layout of Audio, Automation and Pattern Clips. Users can now work with multiple versions of their project saving ideas, sound design and ‘arrangements’.

Plugin Delay Compensation (PDC) – PDC and Automatic PDC have been rebuilt, from the ground up, to support today’s complex workflows. Manual and Auto-PDC can now co-exist. Updates include: Mixer send compensation, Wet/Dry mixer FX compensation, Audio input compensation, Metronome compensation, Plugin Wrapper custom values remembered per-plugin and improved PDC controls in the Mixer.

…and much more!



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