Law Imposed on Mandatory Use of Indian Music as Vehicle Horns

The shrieking sound of ambulance sirens dominated the roads during the entire time frame of the pandemic. People were panic-stricken with the howling noise of the ambulances. So, the Union Road Transport Minister of New Delhi, Nitin Gadkari, came up with a new initiative – to replace the ambulance sirens with the soothing sounds of flute, tabla, harmonium, conch shell, and other musical instruments.

Melodious musical tunes rather than the all-too-familiar screech noise of the ambulance sirens will now ring out on the roads of India’s capital city. Probably, to combat noise pollution and to lower down the stress level of the pedestrians, the Minister has undertaken such an attempt.

Apart from setting this new tone for the roads of India’s capital city, Gadkari expresses a larger vision regarding the infrastructure of the city. According to him, the new expressway in question – Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is expected to welcome millions of opportunities for the people. Also, he aims to start with a project of planting crores of trees at the sides of the new Expresswayin order to combat pollution and stop animal and pedestrian use of the roads to enable a faster route. The new Expressway is anticipated to become New Delhi’s ‘new icon.’

Besides this, the Minister further added that after completing the road structure, Indian art and crafts and produce will be allowed to be showcased in the area. It will open up ample opportunities for the traditional market and home-centered businesses.

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