'Jainam' Teams Up With 'Dhruv' For His New Single "Sarvanash"

It’s been a while since Jainam has been out of the scene. The pressure of producing quality music and keeping personal life unaffected had a toll on him. He unfortunately had to stop for a while to recover from the effects of the burnout.

But the good news is that he is back..


This time the dubstep giant has collaborated with Singer and Rapper Dhruv to release a new single called Sarvansh. The track is not typical Jainam styled track. It is something unique. Not just unique from his his own style but also from the rest of the tracks in the same genre.

The break that Jainam took really resulted into a positive outcome. The track was shared by his fans and also by a lot of Instagram pages. The huge drum sounds and sober melody pieces mkes way crushing the vocals and turning the track into a huge 2K19 banger.

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