MSUN Collaborates w/ Xplicit To Deliver Yet Another Jaw-Dropping Single

When it comes to passion for music, Mumbai based producer-duo MSUN(Meet Dave & Sanchit Gide ) is making sure that they are no less than the others. While their very recent remix of ‘Julia’ by Jeremy Zucker that came out on 8th May this year has definitely won many hearts, their previous track ‘Let Me Try’ featuring Valeria Interdonato reached a whopping 66k on Spotify. This time they collaborate with Mumbai based rapper and producer Xplicit and up their game having it released under ukeo collective, a collective for upcoming and underground artists.

Their track is called ‘Rising Up’ and well, looks like they mean what they have written. Seconds into the music and you’ll find yourself already intoxicated by it. The beats are crazy, the vocals powerful and you will find it difficult to not groove or at the least, tap your feet while you’re at this melodic song. The lyrics give a strong motivational vibe and the drop unleashes all the energy!

MSUN is a versatile duo and they can basically go anywhere right from soothing instrumental track to a terrific hip-hop song, the world is in their hands. MSUN came together as a duo back in 2017 and Xplicit is currently working with Gullygang.

“We started writing this track in 2019, and this time we wanted it to be different and uplifting. We experimented a lot scrapping out mainstream verse drums and it took us around 6months to make what it sounds now after tons of tweaks, scrap and reworks. We then sent out the instrumental to xplicit, and boy, he did his magic” -MSUN

This song is a treat and if it is going to leave you wanting for more, MSUN indicated that there’s an EP in progress too!

Stream it here:

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