Music Marketing in 2022, Get People Listening to Your Music

Not getting enough reach on your music? Finding it tough to find an audience for your music? No worries, I’m here to help, ill teach you everything there’s to know on how to market your music!

Making music is hard, but the ability to market your music is just as hard, and here’s to hoping by the time you finish reading this article, I’ve made it a bit easier for you.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about marketing your music.

What is Music Marketing?

Music marketing is also known as promoting your music, so people are aware of your music, it can be as easy as a promotion by word of mouth, airing ads on TV, websites.

Why should you market your music?

The answer to this question is really easy if you don’t market your music, how would anyone be aware of your music or you for that matter. You can make one of the best if not the best album in the world, but what use is it if no one’s aware of your music. Now you might be thinking that “I should just focus on music and ill hire someone to market music for me”, but in this day and age that option for newcomers is long gone, it’ll either be really expensive or just out of reach as most labels won’t market any newcomers. Some of the easiest ways to market your music are either doing it online or the old-school way of doing it offline.

Marketing Your Music Online

Marketing your music online is probably the path that’s most trodden by independent musicians to get their songs out there. One of the reasons why they choose this path is mainly because of the easy accessibility to a huge reach. The power of the internet is severely underrated even in recent years, anyone with internet access can be a potential reach for you. Make a website with all your music on it. Online marketing can be as easy as replying to your fans on social media or approaching people with access to a big audience in your genre

Places/People you should try to reach out for online marketing:

Big websites that review your genre

Big Apple Music/Spotify Playlist owners

Big Music forums

If you still haven’t tried out Tik-Tok, I can’t stress it enough, please do, the reach you get on Tik-Tok is second to none.

The best thing about this form of marketing is your first breakthrough on any of the above-mentioned platforms would instantly give you much bigger results.

Marketing Your Music Offline

One of the biggest mistakes, independent artists do is just marketing online and leaving sooo much exposure on the table just because they didn’t try the offline market.

Some might say offline marketing is redundant now, but I disagree, a lot of well-established mediums can get you a major influx of audience.

These are some of the mediums through which you can promote your music offline

Word of mouth

Performing gigs in well-established offline venue’s

Doing radio and TV adverts

Appearing in other’s music videos

This next point I can’t stress enough, but please GET YOUR MUSIC ON LOCAL RADIO STATIONS

Sure, with the above-mentioned platforms you may not hit your target audience, but the good thing with music is you don’t need to understand it completely to vibe to it. I have come across so many genres that I like just because I found them while listening to the radio.


Making good music isn’t enough to be a well-known paid musician. No one will get to know about you if you just simply make music. Now you can either market yourself or hire a marketer. Now just reading through this article won’t market your music, so go out there and market your music the best you can, hoping to see you on the big stage soon!

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