Parallel Dimensions Releases Their Debut Single 'Cold'

‘Parallel Dimensions’, a long-awaited project by Nangsan Lyngwa (Ex- Plague Throat) has released its debut single ‘Cold’. Slaying riffs, rocking energy and a shade of ambiance is what a glimpse of ‘Cold’ would sound like. 

The band consists of Nangsan Lyngwa on Guitars and bass, Ryngkat Jyrwa on Vocals, and Kenneth Ksyntiew on Drums.

Nangsan is formerly known for his prowess in Technical Death Metal as the face of Plague Throat, a band known as the stalwarts of the Indian Death Metal. Throughout his career with Plague Throat, he has acted as the opener for Cannibal Corpse, co-headlined with Psycroptic, and performed at Wacken Open Air. Now, with Parallel Dimensions, he puts a whole new dimension of his musical vision with a new line up. 

In Cold, there are elements of Post/Progressive Rock blended with an atmospheric ambiance and beaming vocals. ‘Cold’ starts with an intriguing intro before launching us into a trip where layers of energetic guitar riffs and mellow tunes are graciously interlaced by Nangsan. Drums brightly roaring in the track does a great job of driving the song at a perfect pace. The vocals on the track voice the angst of conformity and rebellion and definitely are right on the spot the sound this song caters. 

The single hints a departure from the norms of the conventional and goes a step ahead, leaving anticipation for the upcoming music from the band.  Also, this single is a treat during the quarantine for those who dig the music in the lines of Prog Rock/Post Rock. 

Written and Submitted by – M.V.Srikanth

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