Prateek Gandhi Delivers a Beautiful Electro-Fusion Single 'Tum Aao Na'

Prateek Gandhi has come up as a wrecking force in the Indian music industry. Delivering singles after singles Gandhi has been breaking his own records. With the recent release of his new single “Tum Aao Na.” Gandhi sends a heartfelt message to his listeners about his music and the point that he wants to make.

The Electro-Fusion single ‘Tum Aao Na’ is one of a kind. Blending electronic music and lush acoustic elements Gandhi turns the single into a perfect hit that soothes and breathes the classical vibe. Maintaining his own signature melodies and vocal style Prateek shows how important it is to stand out in the modern music scene.

Listen here –

Tum Aao Na – song by Prateek Gandhi | Spotify

Gandhi is one of those rare musicians who possess both a natural inclination to music (He is a phenomenally talented guitarist) and also the technicalities it comes with. His ability to visualize, innovate and execute projects of various scales, genres and languages stems from his innate inclinations towards singing and his academic specializations in music theory and sound] engineering. At the threshold of his thirties, the artist has stacked up prestigious projects that include collaborations with contemporary icons like Benny Dayal, Ankit Tiwari, Ash King, Gurinder Seagal, and Shefali Alvares, and a growing list of up-and-coming independent talents. He is equally invested in cultural and traditional endeavors. Here, he has worked on dedications to legendary personalities such as ‘Ek Alag Pehchaan’ a tribute to the late Dr. Rahat Indori, and ‘Prem Deewani’ (based on Mirabai’s poem) featuring actor Manish Goplani. Having sung and produced music in a growing list of languages including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Konkani, Oriya, and Tamil, Gandhi reiterates, “It is my dream to work on at least one project in every Indian language. I think I’m slowly getting there!”

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