Pune Guitarist 'Mradul Singhal' Posthumous Album Is Here: Stream & Listen

Pune based Songwriter and Guitarist ‘Mradul Singhal’ lost his life on 13th March 2020, leaving behind two full-length albums and also bits and pieces of his music. His contribution to the local music scene was enormous. Having the creative edge made him one of the most well-known personalities in the Indian Music Scene. Be it teaching, composing, jamming with different bands, or creating music for himself, he did it all with never-ending passion. His death has affected many in the local music scene, his footprints are still alive in the form of an album unanimously titled ‘Beyond Life’ by his girlfriend Swagata Khargaria and his bandmates.

The album came out on the 13th of May 2020 as planned by Swagata and bandmates. It features 6 different tracks ranging from harsh distorted sounds to breathing and calming melodies. The album is a journey in itself, it talks melodiously about hope and the meaning of life. Putting the album ahead wouldn’t have been possible without Swagata and his bandmates.

Mardul’s journey doesn’t stop here. He was an active part of bands like Dead Exaltation/Killkount/Schwa/Adamantium India and also an active guitarist in the local music scene. Often known for sharing his knowledge and taking the lead to guide musicians in the right direction, he was one of the most humble and grounded people in the music scene.
Despite being involved in educating people, playing live shows, and helping others create their own world. ‘Mradul’ was able to finish his 2 full-length solo albums.

This album is one that is going to be etched in history, as it is the first solo work by an Indian artist to be released posthumously. His life will carry on through his music, which will always continue to inspire and touch hearts.

Link to the album-

Collaborating Artist- Samuel Chacon (Brazil)
Album artwork – Oguzhan Cula (Austria)
Mix-Master by Samuel Chacon

The memory of Mradul is always going to be there in our hearts.

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