'Quantum Souls' Debuts Their First Single 'Stop Me'

Ever since the creation of language as a means of communication, the world has undergone tremendous changes as a consequence of events ranging from wars and famines to the evolution of technology and the introduction of the internet. However, to date, there is only one language that is spoken universally: the language of music. The stories shared through music have the power to bring people all over the world together. Hoping to do just that, Quantum Souls brings forth its first single “Stop Me.”

The story behind the song

Here is a story that people everywhere can relate to, regardless of their age, gender, religion, or color. Inspired by recent events in the life of one of their producers, “Stop Me” reflects the emotional struggle of being forced to give up on one’s dreams to adhere to societal norms. The idea of being stuck in a job that brings no pleasure while constantly wishing to be someplace else doing something else has been recycled for years to create movies, songs, and plays. Yet, the struggle continues with every new generation. It can be incredibly exhausting to hustle toward a goal that is belittled and mocked. Society today, with the might of social media behind it, can break a person and their dreams. People are driven into depression, stuck in a rut working 9-5 jobs that bring them no joy. The weight of social conventions and the fear of failure have the power to crush a person’s soul. Fighting this power on your own can be emotionally challenging; however, it makes victory that much sweeter. With this song, Quantum Souls hopes to inspire everyone out there battling similar demons to keep fighting because there is always hope. Shatter glass ceilings, do the unexpected, make new rules, and keep your head held high throughout it all.



Quantum Souls is an Indian Music Duo consisting of members of Parimal and Shreyas. Both the musicians have a solid musical music background and are stepping into a new direction with this project.  They are optimistic about the project and you can definitely accept a lot of change in the Indian music scene with their debut. The story that they are conveying with their first release itself makes the point. That they are here for the long run.