Ritzzze Talks Street Style, Business and Future

Ritzzze has been a part of the Suffle community for a long time now. The effort put by him has made him signed to huge labels and also rewarded him with powerpack shows. It an honor to have him here with us.

We see you everywhere these days. From playing jam pack club shows to packed festivals. How’s it keeping up this lifestyle? N how did all that started?

First of all, I would like to thank the LISTENERS for this. Social media has played a major part in bringing me where I am today. The fact that I’m connecting with the audience and showcasing my music and personality through the internet really helps.
The jam pack club shows are something which I cherish since I started right from the bottom. My journey started in the year 2005 as an assistant DJ and I slowly worked my way up, saved enough money and then went to a proper music school in 2013. I’ve played in front of 10 people and as well as 10,000 people, it’s the same intensity for me. My lifestyle hasn’t really been affected since I’m not really influenced by alcohol or anything which might affect my work.

All these big remixes and records that you are doing now. How does that make you feel? Which record are you super proud of?

Remixes and Record label deals I feel is overhyped in India. There was a time when coming on a Spinnin Records were my ultimate dream and a big deal for every act but then suddenly I saw some substandard music being released on big labels and then I lost that whole interest in pursuing that.
My record label deals were through the internet. Mainly Demo Drop was my savior as I got found on that. And the biggest turning point for my Deejaying career was making the official remix for Dr. Zeus, that created and opened opportunities for me to start releasing on some of India’s biggest labels. I think the one with Sony Music for Dr. Zeus was my highlight and a sense of achievement.

A little about street style is known to us. Can you brief us about how did that moment started and why you started that?

StreetStyle music was an idea which was started with a small discussion with my DJ friend Sartek ( Sarthak Sardana). It was just basically figuring out what is UNIQUE about an act. I was always influenced by the whole downtempo genre based styles and then one fine day we came across sounds randomly on the streets, recorded the samples. Extracted in the studios and simply started playing with it. Next thing you know, we came up with a unique sound which I use on all my remixes and originals hence the name STREETSTYLE.

The biggest achievement of your career?

I think my biggest achievement is yet to come. It’s a far fetched dream to be a Kolkata based international act. I think getting a GRAMMY is that dream of mine. Other than that in my 14 years of being in the business, I’ve had several achievements and it would be unfair for me to pick out just one cause each played their role to get me where I am today.

Are you planning to play any major festival in the coming years? What’s your favorite fest and why?

Well, I am hoping to be rostered as one of the Indian headliners this year or maybe next. My manager is currently in contact with them and we are waiting for which one would suit the brand the most. My favorite fests are the college campus shows. Not just anyone, in particular, each one of them has their own charm. The energy and enthusiasm of the students is nothing short than magical.

You seem to post a lot of quality content and the quality has been changed now. How did that all go? Did the right quality branding marketing and content delivery change something for you?

I think I’ve been so open about my work and dreams, hence people connect with what I am doing. They’re happy, they get hope and that’s what matters. If my words and actions influence people to the right thing then why not.
Marketing is important but I believe that your end product has to be nothing but the best.

What’s your opinion about the Indian music scene and the changing global scene?

The Indian music scene is having an amazing uproar. There are so many fresh new talents coming in and the sounds are changing. Around 5 years ago, EDM was BIG and now its TRAP AND BASS. Everyone’s influenced by reggaeton and Moombahton. It’s this whole YOUTUBE views driven industry.
The only drawback I feel in the Indian music is that the practice of doing SWITCH gigs which is one of the worst things to have happened to our business, it discourages REAL sort out acts which I feel is morally incorrect. It’s sad that ethics don’t play much in our business anymore.

Where do you see Ritzzze standing in next 5 years and what’s the long term plan for keeping up the brand alive and ready 24×7?

Ritzzze in the next 5 years would probably have international collaboration with someone massive. Also, he would probably be releasing music for Bollywood as film music has evolved a lot over the years. Everyone wants to hear the new sound. And yes we would also be having a Nightclub in Kolkata for sure where we promote alternative genres and at the same time show people how to party.
StreetStyle music is staying for as long as the music is alive cause it’s not dependent on any trend. It’s a Sound and NOT a genre. It will evolve with time and its style will always make things sound fresh.

Anything that you want to say to your fans?

Keep supporting, Keep loving and even to the ones who just add or follow me to keep a check, I love you guys as well. I got the best fans in the world and I’ve literally seen some of them grow up listening to my music.

What about promoters who do not pay to the artists? And anything for your haters?

Promoters who don’t pay should be BLACKLISTED. Just get them banned and make sure the club also stops giving them work. Once that stops, they’re all come into line.
Message to haters? Keep looking, keep checking, keep doing what you do. Keep wasting your energy on me and I’m just going to be sitting and making more money till then and also signing deals with labels and more.

Your inspiration and dream?

My biggest inspiration is A.R Rahman, the reason why I took up music. My dream would be working with him someday.

Any production tip for our new and upcoming producers?

Best production TIP is – it’s not the DAW that makes a great producer, it’s his imagination and mind.

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