Rudra’s New Single 'Parchaiyon Mein' Is a Match Made in Heaven

Rudra Sarkar or popularly known by his artist name ‘Rudra’ is a singer and songwriter based out of Agartala, India. 

Some tracks are impossible to skip. Parchaiyon Mein for instance, a slow and lush dream pop ditty from the next generation Indian singer and songwriter ‘Rudra.’ Talented and hardworking, this Agartala based singer-songwriter latest release is a class. He cited influences from Bollywood and future pop records, that same energy, and quality oozes out of his music.

When asked to explain about his track the immensely talented artist says –

“Parchaiyon Mein” is a reflection of the darkest shade which we fold and hide inside the secret closet of our mind far away from a touch of reality. Some of us fall into an ocean of unexplored depths and those reflections start to take a form, slowly solidifying our imaginations. As we start to unclothe ourselves before our imaginations, we fall into a dilemma. This is when reality strikes hard. But to a simple heart, filled with dreams and hopes, the beauty always lies in his or her imaginations.”

When asked about his journey Rudra said –

I started singing when I was 12 and picked up the guitar a year later. I have been gigging in and around within the state as a part of various local projects and bands. Initially, as a Multi-lingual singer-songwriter, I struggled a lot because of the lack of resources in the state. But  I’m quite fortunate to have my friend and brother Shimul Debbarma, who is the drummer and Percussionist of the band “Koloma” which is a well-known folk fusion band in my region.

Also, the rarity of Hindi singer/vocalists encouraged me to start this new trend. 

My songs are mostly based on the idea of hopeless romanticism-“being always prepared for farewell and goodbyes”. Also, are mostly in the lines of Indie/Pop Genre and listeners can encounter flavors of Experimental Post Rock too.

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