Sahana Naresh Dedicates Debut Single 'Milky Hands' To Her Daughter

Sahana Naresh is an Indie singer/songwriter and classical vocalist hailing all the way from India. Her latest single “Milky Hands” has become one of the finest releases in the Indie space so far. The song talks about the relatable journey of motherhood crossed by every mother and the emotional chords which connect them to this world. The tune is an absolute piece of beauty. Ukele mixed with the singer’s voice sets an amazing vibe and drives the track to a happy mood but also triggers the emotional side of you.

The music video also fuels more life to the track. The footage in ‘Milky Hands’ consists of a compilation of Sahana’s important moments with her newborn daughter ‘Tara.’ The surprise the video carries through will surely take you on a happy yet emotional journey.

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