Sanskar Vaidya Unveils His Second Single- ‘Savera'

Looking to make a name for himself in the Indie-music space, Sanskar Vaidya returns with the release of his latest single titled ‘Savera.’

After his first single release ‘Night Without You’ in 2020, Sanskar has come back with his second single – ‘Savera.’ With Sanskar in production combined with the efforts of Sanket Pahurkar, Chris D’Mello, Kaustabh Nene & Shashank Sekhar Sahu, this track breathes a distinguished aura.

“Savera” is all about those feelings of the never-ending nights when one succumbs to over-thinking and over-analyzing things. When your mind never stops probing on various subjects, when you get tired of fighting with your sleepless nights and just wait for the dawn. It carries a metaphorical meaning of, how life really gets tough sometimes but it is we who fight back at the end and look forward to the better days approaching. As we all know, bad things are inevitable to end!

Sanskar says, ‘Years of learning Hindustani classical vocals have made me explore the “twelve swars” a lot more than any instrument ever did. Hence, my love for creating new melodies.’ For him, being able to communicate his feelings through music is the soul of art.

Listen to ‘Savera’ by Sanskar Vaidya on Spotify-

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