Soon after Badshah’s song “Bachpan Ka Pyaar” went viral on all social handles, especially Instagram reels, the real voice behind this song, Sahdev Dirdo, a 10-year old Chhatisgarh boy, attained overnight fame. Besides the remake, the original video of the kid singing that song has also been circulating across all social media platforms.

It has been found that a few years back in a small school in Sukma district, Chhatisgarh, Sahdev’s teacher had apparently asked him to sing this song and recorded the video which somehow went viral. From that point onward the video has been circulating on different social media platforms and has currently maxed out by reaching millions of plays/views overall making Sahdev the viral star of the year. Even the Chief Minister of Chhatisgarh- Bhupesh Baghel invited Sahdev to felicitate him, the pictures of which went viral over social media. Later, Badshah gave it a thought and made a proper song on this video collaborating with Astha Gill and Rico. However, to everyone’s surprise, Sahdev was featured in this video.

After this official music video by Badshah, the majority of the audience started bashing the boy with their strong criticisms. Many people commented, “This boy doesn’t deserve to be famous. There are many other singers who deserve much better than this boy”. In response to this renowned singer-music composer, Vishal Dadlani posted a Twitter video saying, “Over the last few days I have seen a lot of videos that ‘this’ kid should have been more famous, how well he sings. Why is that Bachpan Ka Pyar boy getting so much fame? What I want to say is that both of them are kids. Is it necessary to compare them? One might sing well, other less so. But one’s song got really popular. Does that mean we have to put one guy down to pull the other one up?” He even shamed this mentality as “fuc*ed-up”. Vishal continued, “Usko neecha dikhake aap log kya karre ho? What are you achieving? Don’t do that man. It’s not nice.”

However, the question remains, “What will be their future? Will they be again given chances to sing different songs? Or is it the mere ‘political game’ of the Bollywood industry to increase their TRP?” To be true, many other kids like Sahdev are struggling hard to make their mark in the Indian Music Industry. Many kids with great voices remain unrecognized and unappreciated. Even when they get a chance of appreciation, they again get lost in the dark after a few days! Similarly, singer Himesh Reshammiya previously brought Ranu Mondal to the limelight. With her mesmerizing voice, she won million hearts. The singer even offered her to sing in one of his tracks “Teri Meri Kahaani”.But after this, she wasn’t offered a single, and eventually, her name disappeared from the”limelight industry”.

Recently, Sahdev Dirdo has become a national sensation. But for how many days? New songs will come replacing the old ones. Maybe, tomorrow someone else like Sahdev will take over social media. Maybe, some other remix will be out featuring someone else like him. And the cycle continues. Will Sahdev’s “Baspan ka Pyaar” be able to sustain itself in this rapidly changing world?

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