This 17 Year Old Indian Producer Is The Next Big Thing In The Music Industry

Shivam Bhatia is not only one of the fastest rising producer on the block but is also one of the biggest talent we have in India right now. He also had a humble beginning like a lot of other artists. But what makes his journey inspirational is how he kept himself away from all the negativity and focused on making music and ultimately found his own sound.

The kind of future pop style that Shivam paints to the canvas is soothing and pleases the mind . He might not be Djing at the moment but his tracks have made it to some of the biggest playlists and channels in the industry.

His positive attitude and love for music has made him one of the few muscians to enter the millions club and get supported by BBC Radio,Israel and Lyon radio stations !

Shivam is surely a power house at his style. But his humbleness is something which makes him the best there by creating a lot of opportunities for him.

He also has an Offical Website which has record of all his songs and future plans which enables his fans to connect better with him !

Make sure to check him out.

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