This 18-Year-Old Female DJ Is The Biggest Competition For Everybody Out There

Playing different festivals and clubs is what every DJ dreams of. But there are only a few who actually put on the effort and take the risk in order to grow and do what looks impossible to others. One from them is the finest and youngest DJ who hails from The Netherlands ‘Isis Cloudt’. She is going strong and her game is getting better every day. The effort she has been putting from years is getting translated to major shows and garnered a good fan following. She is the newest member of Suffle Magazine’s family and is one of the most promising underground act this year.

Yes, there are some female DJs making money via cheap strategies. But Isis is not of them. She believes in being genuine and sticking to the game only for music. And, that’s the only reason why she has played alongside some of the best in the industry like Alvaro, Chocolate Puma, Miss Faith and many more.

She is one of the biggest female DJ to look for in the near future. 


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