Upcoming Egyptian DJ And Producer "Hammad" Bringing Middle Eastern Touch To Dance Music

Mohamed Hammad or better know as DJ Hammad is an Egyptian Electronic Music Producer, DJ, Remixer, Songwriter and a guitarist. Born and raised in the land of pyramids. He brings the world a gift of his illuminating heritage.  The influence of the middle eastern sounds can be heard in his productions. And having such a vibrant and an amazing culture made him move freely and experiment a lot with his art.

From his very childhood, he had a curiosity about learning how to play musical instruments. With huge support from his parents and a lot of good friends. He started learning about musical terms and instruments. And at the age of 9, he able to play the drums very skillfully.

After a few years, he discovered the music-making software or DAW and started learning music production basics. It was until 2015 he started sending his music to dance music labels and this changed his overall perception about the modern music business and he was now more than interested to make new music. Since it was also helping him to make his own fanbase.

With almost 5 years in contact with dance music, Hammad has signed a lot of records with top labels like ” Deep Strips ” Rivaside Records – OTB.” His last release ” What is that thing ”  turned his name into the Top 100 Beatport slot. Also in a conversation with him, he revealed that he has a few new tracks coming out in the coming weeks.  He has also shared the stage with a lot of top-ranked DJ’s and Producers. And will be playing live in Bahrain on 30th of December and plans for a Germany tour in 2020.

We wish him all the success.




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