Vaibhav Nagare Unleashes his Electrifying Party Banger: “URUMI”

Based out of Pune, Vaibhav Nagare is a Music Producer, an incomparable DJ, and a software engineer. From a very tender age, he had an addiction to music and a powerful desire to pursue it. In this cut-throat competition of the music industry, where it’s quite difficult to stand out, his back-breaking work has served to fulfill his endeavors. After his first release on a couple of groundbreaking labels like Zee Music India, Tribal Trap, and many more, he started making more party bangers and the journey never stopped.

Vaibhav’s signature sound has drawn the attention of many international heavy-weights like DJ BL3ND, Exodus signing his songs to their labels like, “LokoSound”, “Peak Hour Music” and many more. His insane blend of Indian instruments and orchestral-led melodies with electronic sound is enough to pop any listener’s ears within fractions of a second.

His breath-taking showcase of this ethnic tour through his compositions has grabbed the garnering support of various renowned artists across the globe. One of Vaibhav’s compositions “Senapati”, released on an international record label, is now his recent party anthem and has been placed #49 in Beatport Bigroom Top 100 Worldwide List.

His new release “Urumi”, an adrenaline-pop record, is all set to electrify the clubs with its high-velocity indomitable kick drums, detrimental heavy-duty bass, and vocals that swing high and low like rollercoasters. This track has been signed by a Thailand-based label-“Pure Decibel Recordings”. Vaibhav’s unique stir of electronic pop and Indian ethnic music has set new standards in the arena of DJing which makes him stand out. Fans are awe-struck with this deadly combo of two different genres!

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