Punk-band Velveteen Rabbit Drops their Debut Single: ‘A Pact With the Water’

Velveteen Rabbit is a female-fronted punk band based in Holland, Netherlands. Being a struggling band, trying to reach out to the masses, they have come up with their single debut- “Ladyboi”, which is a mind-stirring composition. With Dirty J on the guitars, Thomas on the bass, Sicko on the drums, and Unholy on the vocals, this track welcomes us to visit the “pre-apocalyptic” world, where people had the freedom to be what they really wanted, where there were no bars or distinctions, where people led a zestful life.

“Ladyboi” is all about the story of a pre-apocalyptic world with a flavor of punk or rock and a tad bit of tinge of melancholic sludge. Set in the backdrop of the unbearable lightness of living in the wild postmodern West, this track empowers every depressed soul out there to become what they have always wanted.

Besides the recent track “Ladyboi”, tracks like “Fuzzy the Butcher”, “Buffalo Stance”, “Velveteen Rhapsody Demo” and few others can certainly be added to your playlist to take yourself on a voyage of “punk world”. The energizing vocals with a fusion of dramatic electric guitar are enough to suffice the thirst for rock!

Loud or Quiet! They can do it both the way! But surely they will make you listen to it!

Listen to Ladyboi by Velveteen Rabbit on Spotify

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