Vort3z Reveals His New Collab With Project 91 and IQQANVE on His New Single: "Bring Me Back"

Nayan Basumatary, aka, Vort3z, hailing all along from Guwahati is one of the thriving artists in the Indian music industry. With so much raw and young talent in the music industry, it’s quite difficult for a newbie to confirm his stand in this industry. Vort3z, being a compassionate DJ and music producer, has struggled enough to earn his fame.

Being mused by EDM artists like David Guetta and other mainstage performers, Vort3z had the dream of playing music on big stages and creating music that unrolls happiness. His inestimable efforts and hard work and endless determination to pursue his passion, has led him to what he is today and has created quite a buzz among the masses. 

When asked about his most satisfying moment in the interviews, he said, “The satisfying moments of my work until now are making my first track, getting signed into a record label after many hurdles and meeting experienced people in my field”. Also, when asked further about his team and any experience of failures or obstacles in his life, he mentioned his friends as his support system and added, “Failure is a part of our life. Learn to accept it and re-learn from your failures. Never give up when you feel rejected or ignored. People will give various opinions, just do what your heart desires”. Belonging from a place where EDM is hardly known, Vort3z remained stern in his goal heedless of others’ opinions. 

To propel his recent single, releasing on 3rd September 2021 “Bring Me Back”, Vort3z collaborated with EDM DJ and Production Duo from India- Project 91, comprising of brothers Anil Sindagi and Sunil Sindagi, aka, IQQANVE. Honing their music skills for almost a decade, this fiery combination of unique style and vibrant EDM is all set to attain the pinnacle! 

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